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Howl natural calming healthy dog treat with hemp oil

Howl natural calming healthy dog treat with hemp oil

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  • Tackle stress, anxiety and aggression
  • Packed full of health enhancing benefits
  • 100% organic, human grade ingredients
  • Free from wheat, gluten, lactose and grain
  • Suitable for all dogs


Does your dog suffer from stress or anxiety in those leg shaking moments, fireworks night, Halloween, vet trips and car journeys. These treats will help calm your fury best friend and keep the anxiety and stress at bay.

Highly Nutritious

These tasty treats are pack full of vitamins A, D and E for overall health and well being whilst the botanicals are proven to help relieve dog anxiety, stress and aggression. Making these treats ideal to keep your dog calm in stressful situations.

Dog anxiety, aggression and stress due to separation, travel, being home alone, thunderstorms, fireworks, grooming, bath time, vet visits and other causes of stress, with these treats we have your dog covered and calm.

Superior Treats

Our delicious treats are handmade using fresh, organic, human-grade ingredients. These tasty morsels are wheat, grain and GMO free. No added sugar, salt, artificial colourings or chemicals. Contain nuts and seeds. 

Store in an airtight container.


Organic sweet potato, organic oat flour, organic coconut flour, free range chicken, organic chamomile flowers, organic parsley, organic rice flour, chicken broth, organic linseed, pumpkin seed, sunflower and goji berry mix, organic hemp oil.

Handmade with care in the UK. Our dog treats use organic, fresh and nourishing ingredients for a superior taste and greater health benefits. Providing your dog with treats that are healthy, straight from plant to pet and delicious will give you the peace of mind and statisfaction that your dog is eating nothing but the best. 

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