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Twiggy Tags

Twiggy Tags Dog Seatbelt

Twiggy Tags Dog Seatbelt

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Keep your furry friend safe and secure during car journeys with the Twiggy Tags Adventure Dog Seatbelt!

Designed with your pup's safety in mind, the Twiggy Tags adjustable and strength-tested dog seatbelts loop over the headrest and attach to their harness with a lockable carabiner-style clip. Match the Twiggy Tags Adventure Dog Seatbelt with other Twiggy Tags Adventure products to stay stylish on the go without compromising safety.

Please note that while the Twiggy Tags Dog Seatbelts have been strength-tested, they have not been crash-tested. As with all dog seatbelt products, their intention is to satisfy the legal requirement of keeping your dog restrained while driving so that they cannot interfere with operation of the vehicle.

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