How do I switch to Raw?

How do I switch to Raw?

At The Dog's Spot we stock Cotswold Raw. Made from a single British meat source (lamb, beef, chicken, turkey), fresh meaty bones, fresh ox organ meat, vegetables and selected herbs - there is absolutely nothing else in there.

Raw meaty bones are an integral part of feeding a raw diet. Raw bones are a complex source of calcium and a wide variety of nutrients, minerals, essential fatty acids and vitamins. The central parts of most bones contain marrow, which is highly nutritious, so Cotswold Raw recipes include ground bone.

When changing a dog's diet their digestive process needs to change. The same is the case when switching from a commercial dry food to a raw diet. In addition though the body may need to rid itself of toxins and impurities as it adjusts to the intake of proper nutrients.  

Depending on the overall health of your dog, this may last several weeks or no time at all.  The most common problems are probably runny stools and itchy skin but these symptoms will soon disappear. 

All dogs are different and the amount of food they need depends on their daily energy requirement, which varies according to many factors including their breed, activity level, age and environment.

In broad terms raw feeding guidelines suggest feeding a daily ration of 2-3% of their bodyweight. Small breed dogs will need more and large breeds, less. Research has shown that dogs fed a restricted diet live longer so we recommend starting at the lower end of the range and increasing the amount as necessary in order to achieve an ideal body condition.

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