Six Tips to Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer

A hot dog is no joke. With sweat glands in just their paw pads and noses it's easy for pups to overheat. So how about these 6 tips for your dog to keep their cool in summer time?

1. Freeze it

Using a Lickimat not only keeps your dog stimulated when walkies are out of the question, but using frozen treats is a great way of keep them cool in the heat.

Just smear their favourite treat on the mat - for example peanut butter, dog yoghurt, JR Pets Pate - pop in the freezer, and once frozen you're good to go.

At The Dog's Spot we also give our dogs Cotswold Raw frozen bones, but in the heat don't bother to defrost them.

And of course there's always doggy icecream.

2. Stay hydrated

While it's always important your pet has access to a fresh supply of water, it's never more important than during the hotter months.

Adding a little ice to water is a really good idea, or why not try a bowl that regulates the temperature and keeps it cool for longer?

Of course some dogs are less keen on water, so they are now some brilliant products on the market - full of hydrating electrolytes - and designed to appeal to fussier canines.

Furrboost smoothies bring tonnes of benefits, including helping hydrating your pup. And of course you could freeze it in an ice tray for a delicious meaty popsicle.

3. Keep it cool

The world of dog cooling has come on leaps and bounds in recent years, with water-charged technology making many products easy to use and with a long-lasting cooling effect.  Why not try a cooling jacket? With the UK weather becoming increasingly unpredictable, it's an important piece of kit to pack for dogs on the go, and never more useful than during a heatwave.

We particularly love Ruff & Tumble's Cooling Coat, with its three layers designed to deflect the sun as well as absorb cold water and keep dogs cool.

Take a look at our Cooling Collection.

4. Play inside

If walking in the early hours or late evening is not an option - don't forget dogs should never be walked beyond 23C, and even less for flat-faced breeds - then there are other ways to stimulate your dogs.

We've mentioned Lickimats, but there are plenty of other enrichment toys out there, all designed to keep pups entertained.

We love Tug E Nuff tug doys, which also help you both bond, as well as Paikka enrichment mats and more.

Take a look at our Enrichment Collection.

5. Have a Splash!

How about bringing out the paddling pool?

Bathe your dog in cool (not cold) water. Do not use ice-cold water as it can cause shock.

6. Regular Brushing

And lastly, brush your dog regularly. Removing dead and excess hair makes all the difference. A less dense coat makes life a lot cooler!

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