Raw, Kibble, Cold-pressed, Wet or Air-dried: Let's talk food

Raw, Kibble, Cold-pressed, Wet or Air-dried: Let's talk food

The most-asked question at The Dog's Spot is without a doubt, what's the best food for my dog?

The trouble is pet food can be a minefield. You may think you're doing the right thing for your pup, but there are many well-known brands out there filling their food with nasties, whether its sugar, bulking agents or less-than nutritious byproducts.

At The Dog's Spot we don't give you an endless choice of food, what we do is break them down in the five main areas and make sure we're giving you the best we can offer. We've made the choice for you, so you don't have to.

Firstly, kibble. By far the most popular way of feeding your dog, we have our own Hits the Spot kibble range in a number of delicious flavours. Our kibble is UK made (so no air miles) it's grain-free ie not full of cheap carbohydrates your dog doesn't need, and because the chicken used is British, you can be sure there's no steroids, which cause a lot of poultry allergies. They also have prebiotics, xxx

For wet food, we stock Lilly's Kitchen. A  much-loved brand, again not full of nasties and can be eaten on its own or mixed with kibble. A great option for fussy eaters.

We love Walker & Drake's Cold-pressed food - another British-made food full of meat, botanicals and enzymes. Cold-pressed is considered one of the next best things for your dog after raw food. The ingredients are carefully pressed at lower temperatures than kibble, thereby, preserving essential vitamins, minerals, and proteins.

Air-dried is another great alternative to Raw, and is loved by fussy eaters. We stock Innocent Hound in assorted flavours, including chicken and turkey.

And finally we come to Raw. We don't beat about the bush at The Dog's Spot, we love Cotswold Raw. Not only have we experienced the difference in our own dogs, our customer's have reported shinier coats, calmer dogs and all-round better health.


Click here to read our Guide on Switching to Cotswold Raw.




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