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Ruff and Tumble

Ruff and Tumble - Cooling Coat

Ruff and Tumble - Cooling Coat

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With triple layered cooling technology, the Ruff and Tumble Cooling Coat for dogs gives owners control and reassurance on warm days. If it's sunny outdoors, or warm indoors, the dog Cool Coat will keep your dog cool and refreshed, allowing you both to enjoy summer adventures. 

Soak the Cooling Vest in cold water, wring it out, clip it on and the cooling effect will start to work. Using evaporative cooling technology, three layers work together to regulate the dog's heat. 

With the maximum rating of UPF 50+, the outer silver layer deflects the sun's rays. The middle layer holds cool water in a reservoir section. Heat activates the evaporative cooling power of water, mocking 'sweating' which cools the dog. The inner comfy mesh layer acts as a membrane which cools without wetting the dog.  For continuous cooling, regularly recharge the coat to ensure that the central layer of the Cooling Jacket is soaked at all times. 

It is always advised to use the Cooling Gear as a preventative measure rather than wait until your dog is overheating. Always seek shade and provide water on warmer days and note that different dogs tolerate different temperatures dependent on their breed, size, coat, age and weight.
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