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Curli - Quick & Easy Softshell Range

Curli - Quick & Easy Softshell Range

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Step-In Vest Harness for small to medium dogs.

The Softshell harness came from a need for maximum protection and comfort for dogs that walk daily during cold weather.
With our Alpine experience, it was clear to us that Softshell was the material of choice. Softshell is warming, wind resistant and water repellent, but you need know-how to process it. We learned a lot during its production. The material posed problems when it was fed into the sewing machine. Only after several attempts, did we find a suitable solution. The result is a vest harness with the warming and water-repellent properties of soft shell. Ideal for colder days.

The patented CLICK.SNAP.GO. curli Clasp closure makes leashing extra easy and stress free. At the same time it is the worlds safest, strongest and lightest harness closure.


  • Wind and water repellent curli Clasp Softshell upper, upholstered with lightweight breathable Air-Mesh linin
  • The new “curli clasp” solves one of the industry‘s biggest challenges
  • Now the Leash and harness can be attached with one hand
  • High-strength, color-matching POM material for the clasp, withstands tensile loads of up to 100kg (220 lbs)
  • “curli clasp” reduces noise and weight. Eliminates the “clicking” sound of metal D-rings.
  • Significantly improved ergonomics and optimized fit thanks to a new pattern and a new size scale
  • Perfected tension distribution thanks to the straps directly worked into the seams of the harness and improved higher tension mount
  • Step-in Harness, quick and easy to put on
  • Adjustable in size with Velcro closure, easy to adjust to the body shape
  • Stretchable seams for flexible tension distribution
  • Reflective elements on the neck for additional safety in darkness
  • DogFinder ID to help find your dog in case it gets lost


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