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Green & Wild’s

Green & Wild’s Rope Ball Dog Toy

Green & Wild’s Rope Ball Dog Toy

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If stirring up an appetite for play is sometimes a struggle - or if you want your dog to focus like never before - the Wondabunny Bungee is the training toy of your (and your dog’s) dreams. 

Suitable for every dog, from tiny tuggers to big breeds, the Wondabunny Bungee features a generous, supersoft bite area made with irresistible, responsibly-sourced rabbit skin. 

The padded bungee handle features our signature durable webbing. It’s made with two strands of bungee shock cord for the right resistance and protection when playing tug. 

Whether you want to up the ante for training, speed up your dog’s recall or simply make playtime more rewarding, the Wondabunny Bungee won’t let you down. 





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