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Howl natural minor pain relief balm

Howl natural minor pain relief balm

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. Treats minor ailments and injuries

· Soothes aches and skin complaints

· Lick safe


Is your dog suffering from mild aches, pains or irritations? Spread a little pain relief balm to ease their discomfort. Ideal for after a big training session or enthusiastic playtime.

Natural first aid

This amazing balm is full of antiseptic, antibacterial and antifungal goodness. Plus, its active ingredients protect against micro-organisms, allergies and odour.

Comfrey oil treats burns, rashes, skin conditions and insect bites. Arnica oil soothes swelling, nerve pain and arthritis. Oat flour extract cleanses and calms irritations.

Sea buckthorn fruit oil promotes tissue regeneration, while shea butter helps improve skin elasticity. Rosemary and lemongrass essential oils stimulate blood circulation, and prebiotic strengthens their friendly bacteria.


Multipurpose relief

A great all-rounder for treating minor aches and pains. Apply it to relieve your dog’s sore muscles, sprains, rheumatic pain or sore pads. Help heal their skin complaints, rashes, psoriasis, eczema, bruises, minor burns and insect bites.

How to use it

Gently rub a small layer of salve onto the affected area. Avoid the eyes. Can be applied up to 3-4 times a day for quick results. Do not apply to broken skin.


Arnica oil, comfrey oil, neem oil, shea butter, oat flour extract, prebiotic, sea buckthorn fruit oil, lemongrass essential oil, rosemary essential oil

Made with care in the UK. Harsh chemicals can dry out a dog’s skin, causing more discomfort. Our products are gentle, and keep their skin soft and nourished, to avoid further distress.

Just like we might need a soothing balm for our sores and or aches and pains our dogs do too! Give your dog an all-rounder for treating minor aches, pains and help heal skin complaints. Always keep one of Howl Natural's Minor Pain Relief Balm for one of those rainy days as part of your natural first aid kit.

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