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Paikka Recovery Raincoat for Dogs

Paikka Recovery Raincoat for Dogs

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The Most Important Thing Stay Safe.

YOUR PROBLEM: You have found the best dog raincoat, the best high-visibility dog jacket and the best dog recovery clothing. Which one are you going to buy first?

OUR SOLUTION: This is easy, PAIKKA Recovery Raincoat has all the best features in the same dog jacket. It keeps your dog dry, invigorated and stylishly safe.

The jacket is made of 100% waterproof fabric and its seams are taped making sure your dog stays dry and comfortable. The smart reflective surface makes your dog visible in car headlights. The amazing colorful reflective effect ensures your best friend stays safe while looking stylish.

Special Far infrared (FIR) emitting lining supports your dog´s recovery from exercise and it may also help prevent injuries by improving the blood flow and microcirculation. * Dogs are made to move, so we consider every dog worth the same care and knowledge as professional athletes.

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