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Stix Dogs Coats - Whippet

Stix Dogs Coats - Whippet

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With their deep chests and big hearts, they know their shape is rather irregular but nothing makes up for their speed, that’s when they can be bothered to get out of bed and when it’s definitely not raining!  The Stix dog coat comes in three sizes, fits snugly in all the right places but with enough room to sprint when they want to.

Stix Dog coats are user friendly every day dog coats, made with Polartec fleece, which will keep your dog warm, dry and clean.

The coats are:

- Waterproof

- Wicking

- Highly Breathable

- Machine washable

- Lightweight

The Polartec fleece is made from 90% recycled plastic bottles ♻️

Our signature zip ensures the coat is simple to put on and off, check out our video for a demonstration!


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