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Tug e nuff Pocket PowerBall Bungee

Tug e nuff Pocket PowerBall Bungee

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Tough natural rubber dog ball for 3-in-1 fun!

Meet the tough dog ball toy that’s light enough to throw and strong enough to tug!

Your ball obsessed dog is about to raise the woof! Our Pocket Powerball is designed for 3-in-1 fun that your dog will go crazy for. 

Throw it, fetch it, tug it and power up your playtime and training time while boosting your bond no end. 

It’s strong, compact, and equipped with a niftybungee handle to take the impact out of playing tug.

Did we mention it comes in 3 beautiful bright colour combos - so you’ll never lose sight of it on walks. 

Every colour variation includes blue features (the colour dogs see best).

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