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Twiggy Tags

Twiggy Tags - Trailfinder Multi-Way Lead

Twiggy Tags - Trailfinder Multi-Way Lead

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Versatile and multi-functional, this lead can take you from training and close control to hands-free walkies using the multiple adjustment points. Our double clips make walking two dogs at once easy, maintaining peace of mind that your dogs are safe with lightweight locking carabiners, strength-testing to over 170kg and a comfortable padded grip. The first lead on the market with 10+ uses and designed with inclusivity in mind

1. Standard lead for every day walks

2. Very short lead for heel training and busy environments

3. Double-clipped onto the front and back of the harness for lead training and extra-control for a lunging/reactive dog

4. Hands-free across body

5. Hands-free around the waist

6. Walk two dogs at once, one clipped to each end of the lead

7. Hands-free clipped to you for house training puppies

8. Double-clipped attached to harness and collar for extra failsafe for nervous, anxious and flight risk pups (and anxious owners too!)

9. Tether your dog to anything! Great for camping! (please do not tether dogs unsupervised)

10. Very long 8ft length for recall training

11. Standard lead with a traffic  handle for close control

12. Around the waist with a traffic handle for close control

13. Slip lead (please use responsibly and do not use on dogs who pull)

14. Figure of 8 (please use responsibly and do not use on dogs who pull)

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